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Financial Advisory Services

A significant issue to consider when evaluating a financial adviser or deciding on what kind of adviser to hire is how they are paid. Some financial advisors are paid a flat fee for their advice and are considered fiduciaries while others earn commissions from the products they sell to their clients. Some advisors, such as in the case of a hybrid advisor or dually registered advisor, charge fees as well as earn commissions depending on the product they are selling or the service they are providing.

At Exceedia Consulting Ltd, clients are charged a fee for our expertise and the fees are discussed prior to the engagement of any services.  For clients who also wish to implement their strategies with investment or insurance products, any commissions earned are used to off-set the financial planning fee charged.

Our advisory services range from product audits (clients who want to understand and organize what they already have in place) to complex financial planning strategies involving their personal and business assets.

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