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Things worth building are worth protecting.

One of the most famous structures in the world for nearly two millennia, the Colosseum still manages to contain within it, the might and glory of ancient Rome. In spite of war, earthquakes, vandalism, rain and sun, this ancient structure stands as a testament to what hard work and determination can accomplish.

We understand that wealth is a product of hard work. Let us help you protect the things you worked hard for.

Providing the advice and services for families and business owners under a comprehensive wealth management plan is far beyond the capacity of any one professional advisor. It requires a well-coordinated, collaborative effort by a team of professionals from the legal, insurance, investment, estate, business and tax disciplines to provide the scale of planning, advice and resources needed. Exceedia Consulting Ltd combines asset management, cash management, risk management, financial planning, lifestyle management and other services to provide each family with the essential elements for addressing the pivotal issues it faces as it navigates the complex world of wealth management.

Exceedia Consulting Ltd (Private Wealth) is a company set up to look after the finances of wealthier families and individuals. We are a management advisory firm dealing with high net-worth individuals and families.

Financial Management

Financial management

Taking care of the finances of the family is the key function of Exceedia Private Wealth.

The different aspects of financial planning include:

  • Investment management services – Often at the heart of our work and mainly aims at preserving and increasing your family’s wealth. This includes different aspects of investing, from determining investment goals and allocating assets to actual execution and goal tracking.
  • Reporting and recordkeeping – We report and consolidate all family assets and their performance. We typically also provide tax preparations and reporting.
  • Managing wealth transfers – Exceedia Private Wealth can help manage wealth transfers within a family, for example from parents to children.
  • Life management and budgeting – We can also take care of budget servicing and budget objectives.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning

Besides the administrative management of finances, we typically offer strategic services as well. These could include things such as:

  • Business and finance advice – Provide assistance in the strategic planning of finances such as debt management and structured financing. Furthermore, we offer guidance on business management including issues such as business development.
  • Strategic estate planning – If the family or individual has a number of properties, Exceedia Private Wealth can provide assistance on the best use of the estate. For example, information on when to sell or strategic tax planning.
  • Succession planning – We can provide advice on succession planning and help with the administrative part of ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Educational planning – We can also help educate the next generation on wealth management.


Advisory role

Finally, Exceedia Private Wealth functions in an advisory role. The aim is to provide families and individuals impartial and unbiased advice on finances and in other areas that are important for the family. The advisory roles typically deals with:

  • Tax and legal advice – We can help construct a tax plan and ensure the family business is tax compliant. Our extended professional network of corporate and estate lawyers, as well as tax professionals can assist you with your needs.

  • Risk management – Since investments come with a risk, we aim to provide risk assessments to our clients, together with continuous monitoring of risks. The risk management assistance includes insurance advice as well.







Things worth building are worth protecting.


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